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The Offs x Jean-Michele Basquiat

Probably A Label revitalized a relic of the New York underground punk scene by republishing Jean-Michel Basquiat's early artwork for The Offs, a symbol of his transition from graffiti artist to gallery sensation.

We reproduced a limited quantity of the vinyl records, each embedded with a unique chip linking the physical piece to a digital on-chain collectible, bridging the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.

An intimate dinner was curated at ETH Denver, gathering fifty artists, thought leaders and web3 creatives to celebrate this fusion of art and technology.

Live vinyl pressing unfolded as each guest was gifted one of these priceless records, deepening their connection to the narrative of Basquiat's transformative career.

Through this initiative, Probably A Label honors Basquiat's legacy, while demonstrating how traditional art forms can be seamlessly integrated into the digital realm.